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Allen Wrench - Artizen (S/H)2/$1122.03%
Chemmy Jones - Boggy Boon (S/H)$10.0023.20%
Space Candy - Boggy Boon (H)$10.0024.30%
Chemdawg - Cedar Creek Cannabis (I/H)$8.006/$43.5028.95%6-pack, 0.5g each
Jack Herer - Cedar Creek (S)$8.006/$43.5028.47%6-pack, 0.5g each
OG Kush - Cedar Creek Cannabis (I)$8.006/$43.5028.24%6-pack, 0.5g each
Black Diesel - Cowlitz Gold (S/H)6/$16.5033.20%6-pack, 0.5g each
Black Diesel Infused - Cowlitz Gold (H)4/$21.7548.39%6-pack, 0.5g each
Grandaddy Purple - Cowlitz Gold (I)6/$16.5026.40%6-pack, 0.5g each
Northern Lights - Cowlitz Gold (I)6/$16.5024.25%6-pack, 0.5g each
Blackberry Kush - G.T.P. (I)$5.0029.70%
Double Tangie Banana - G.T.P. (I)$5.0027.90%
Super Silver Haze - G.T.P. (S)$5.0025.06%
XJ-13 - G.T.P. (H)$5.0030.40%
Alien Dawg - Grass Monkey (S/H)$10.0024.70%w/ Kief Ribbon
Orange Kush - Grass Monkey (S/H)$10.0023.80%w/ Kief Ribbon
Pre-98 Bubba Kush - Grass Monkey (I)$10.0023.60%w/ Kief Ribbon
Trainwreck - Grass Monkey (S/H)$10.0023.20%w/ Kief Ribbon
Blackberry Kush - Grass Monkey (I)2/$1025.50%2-pack, .5g Each
True OG - Grass Monkey (I/H)2/$1024.80%2-pack, .5g Each
Acapulco Gold - Greenlabs (S)$14.5034.88%
Bubba Kush - Greenlabs (I)$14.5033.24%
Gorilla Goo - Greenlabs (H)$14.5037.01%
Where's My Bike - Landrace (S/H)$7.2530.87%
Blue Buddha - Made Right (I)$5.0018.30%
Golden Pineapple - Marley Natural (H)2/$1125.06%2-pack, .5g Each
Plushberry - Marley Natural (I)2/$1127.90%2-pack, .5g Each
Black Cherry Soda - On The Green (S/H)2/$620.60%2-pack, .5g Each
Cherry Bomb - On The Green (H)2/$621.59%2-pack, .5g Each
Gorilla Glue #4 - On The Green (H)2/$620.08%2-pack, .5g Each
White Russian - On The Green (I/H)2/$619.61%2-pack, .5g Each
Golden Pineapple - Phat Panda (S/H)$8.2524.30%
Grand Daddy Purple Firecracker - Phat Panda$12.0032.40%Dipped in oil & Kief
Grapeness Firecracker - Phat Panda$12.0030.30%Dipped in oil & Kief
True OG Firecracker - Phat Panda$12.0031.70%Dipped in oil & Kief
OG Chem - Phat Panda (S/H)$8.2529.40%
Oregon Diesel - Phat Panda (I/H)10g / $5025.68%10 grams rolled up
Panda Glue - Phat Panda (S/H)10g / $5024.35%10 grams rolled up
Machine Gun - Prohibition *Cherry$12.7539.00%Dipped in oil & kief
Sativa Shots - Prohibition * Assorted Flavors$6.0026.50%Kief Tippped
Easy Flo - Quality Cannabis (I)$5.0018.53%
Widow Cookie - Quality Cannabis (S/H)$5.0025.05%
Chemical Weapons - Walden (S/H)$5.0018.69%
Hurkle - Walden (7.3% CBD)$5.009.20%
Mickey Kush - Walden (S/H)$5.0021.96%
Rainbow - Walden (I/H)$5.0023.11%
Ringo's Gift - Walden (21.3% CBD)$5.000.90%
UW - Walden (I)$5.0023.40%