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Oils and Concentrates
9lb Hammer - Western Culture (I/H)Wax$46.0070.87%
Dutch Treat - Western Culture (S/H)Wax$46.0071.11%
Liberty CBD - Ol Goat (61.02% CBD)Wax$40.001.53%
Allen Wrench - Artizen (S/H)Cake Frosting$37.0073.38%
Dutchberry - Artizen (S/H)Cake Frosting$37.0068.19%
Master Yoda - Heavenly Buds (S)Sugar Crumble$37.0066.59%
Blue Dream - Heavenly Buds (S/H)Rosin$37.0081.90%
Cannabinoid Powder - Dab Dudes (H)THCA$19.00$31.0092.44%
Berry Kush - Doc Croc (H)Live Resin$31.0094.41%
Hybrid Live Resin - Doc Croc (H)Live Resin$31.0097.13%
Bud Bouquet - Toucan Farms (H)Rosin$31.0063.00%
Ak-47 - Doc Croc (S/H)Wax$27.0099.83%
Ambrosia - Doc Croc (H)Shatter$27.0088.80%
Black Rose - Doc Croc (I/H)Wax$27.0096.92%
Cheese Candy - Doc Croc (S)Shatter$27.0089.70%
Dark Wizard - Doc Croc (H)Wax$27.0099.11%
Seattle Soda - Doc Croc (H)Shatter$27.0084.60%
AC/DC - Cowlitz Gold (43.30% CBD)Wax$25.0039.30%
Animal Cookies - My Weed Bunny (H)Cake Frosting$25.0065.74%
Blueberry Cheesecake - My Weed Bunny (H)Live Resin$25.0060.45%
Bruce Banner - My Weed Bunny (S/H)Live Resin$25.0068.79%
Grand Daddy Purple - My Weed Bunny (I/H)Cake Frosting$25.0071.25%
True OG - Dab Dudes (I/H)Crumble$19.0075.91%
White Widow - Dab Dudes (H)Crumble$19.0077.84%
Durban Poison - Kitty's Canna (S)Distillate$19.0072.42%
Grand Daddy Purple - Kitty's Canna (I)Distillate$19.0072.42%
Gorilla Glue - Cannabis NW (H)Shatter$15.0061.14%
Jack Wreck - Cannabis NW (S/H)Shatter$15.0066.47%
Sour Cyclone - Cannabis NW (50.3% CBD)Shatter$15.0026.31%
The Whites - Cannabis NW (I/H)Wax$15.0071.77%
Washington Glue - Cannabis NW (I/H)Wax$15.0068.45%
Cherry OG - Cowlitz (H)Wax$15.0063.50%
Wapato - Herb's Oil (H)Shatter$14.0069.12%
Kief, Hash Ect.Type1gPotency
Blue Dream - Cowlitz Gold (S/H)Kief$10.0040.65%
OG Kush - Cowlitz Gold (I)Kief$10.0040.41%
Trainwreck - Cowlitz Gold (S/H)Kief$10.0044.67%
Hippie Hash - Kitty's Canna (12.8% CBD)Hashish$31.0019.88%
Columbian Gold - Marley's Natual (S)Hashish$31.0041.00%
Afghan Kush - Marley's Natural (I)Hashish$31.0039.00%
Candyland - On The Green (S/H)Bubble Hash$15.0055.62%
Activated Cannabis Oil0.5g1gPotency
Blue Dream RSO - BMF (S)$40.0076.80%
Croc Tears - Doc Croc (H)$46.0094.84%
Myth - Doc Croc (H)$31.0089.93%
White Kush - Doc Croc (I)$34.0086.34%
Chemwreck - Double Delicious (H)$19.0061.75%
F.E.C.O 1:10 - Fairwinds (I) (3.97% CBD)$52.2569.00%
F.E.C.O. 10:1 - Fairwinds (358mg CBD)$55.0033mg THC
Blue Dream - Green Bros (S/H)$31.0094.71%
Green Love Potion - Green Bros (I/H)$28.0079.22%
Northern Lights - Green Bros (I)$31.0090.59%
Sour Diesel - Green Bros (S)$31.0094.71%
Gorilla Glue #4 - Kai' Dro (I)$16.00$31.0077.43%
Lily CBD - Kai' Dro (56.47% CBD)$16.0031.08%
Lily CBD - Kai Dro (39.2% CBD)$20.0021.13%
Super Lemon Haze - Kai' Dro (S)$16.00$31.0090.03%
Alien OG - Uncle Rudi's (I/H)$20.0089.35%
WSO CBD Oil - Waterstone (61% CBD)$37.008.36%
Activated THC - Wildfire$25.0060.46%
WARNING: This product is extremely psychoactive if eaten or swallowed. Intended for dabbing.