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Dark Chocolate - Botanica (H)$49.00
Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt 4:20 Bar** - Evergreen Herbal$15.25$36.25
Milk Chocolate 4:20 Bar* - Evergreen Herbal$15.25$36.25
Milk Chocolate Hempcrunch 4:20 Bar* - Evergreen Herbal$15.25$36.25
Milk Chocolate & Toffee 4:20 Bar* - Evergreen Herbal$15.25$36.25
CBD Dark Chocolate 4:20 Bar** - Evergreen Herbal$9.50$19.00
CBD Dark Chocolate Sea Salt 4:20 Bar** - Evergreen Herbal$54.50
Cookies & Cream Truffles - Swifts (S)$5.50$30.00
Dark Chocolate Truffles - Swifts (I)$30.00
Milk Chocolate Truffles - Swifts (I)$5.50$30.00
White Chocolate Truffles - Swifts (H)$30.00
Baked Goods10mg100mg
Munchie Pack - Journeyman$29.00
Peanut Butter Cookie - Journeyman$5.00
Snickerdoodle - Journeyman$5.00
Triple Chocolate Cookie - Journeyman$5.00
Lemon Ginger Legal Soda* - Mirth (I)$12.75$40.00
Pomegranate Legal Soda* - Mirth (S)$12.75
Rainier Cherry Legal Soda* - Mirth (H)$12.75$40.00
Zootblast - Zoots (10mg THC, guarana, and yerba mate shot)$5.00
CBD Ginger Mints - Mr. Moxey's$43.50
CBD Peppermints - Mr. Moxey's$43.50
CBD Salted Caramel Chews - Phat Panda (10mg THC, 10mg CBD)$5.50$40.00
Caramel Chews - Phat Panda$3.75$26.00
Candy-Dipped Apple Caramel Chews - Phat Panda$3.75$26.00
Salted Caramel Chews - Phat Panda$3.75$26.00
Cotton Candy - Panda Candies$3.75$26.00
Green Apple - Panda Candies$3.75$26.00
Orange Crème - Panda Candies$3.75$26.00
Peach Mango - Panda Candies$3.75$26.00
Salted Caramel - Panda Candies$3.75
Strawberry Kiwi - Panda Candies$3.75$26.00
Blackberry CBD - Panda Candies$5.50$36.25
Strawberry Kiwi CBD - Panda Candies$5.50$36.25
Watermelon CBD - Panda Candies (10mg CBD, 10mg THC)$5.50$36.25
Green Tea Peppermints*** - Swifts (Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid available)$32.75
Infused Edible Oil100mg
Coconut Oil*** - Spot (Sativa and Indica available)$43.50
Oakor Breath Slips10mg
Indica Slips** - Oakor$5.50
Hybrid Slips** - Oakor$5.50
Sativa Slips** - Oakor$5.50
CBD Slips** - Oakor$6.50
CBD Two-to-One Slips** (10mg CBD/5mg THC) - Oakor$6.50
CBD One-to-One Slips** (10mg CBD/10mg THC) - Oakor$7.25
CBD 250mg Water Tincture - Ethos (250mg CBD, 5mg THC)$55.00
2-1 CBD Water Tincture - Ethos (100mg THC, 200mg CBD)$55.00
5-1 CBD Water Tincture - Ethos (50mg THC, 250mg CBD)$55.00
THC Water Tincture - Ethos (Indica or Sativa)$36.25
THC Spray Tincture - Ethos (Indica or Sativa)$36.25
Awake Sativa Spray Tincture - Ethos (w/ green tea extract)$36.25
Calm Spray Tincture - Ethos (100mg THC, 5mg CBG)$36.25
Happiest Self Spray Tincture - Ethos (100mg THC, 5mg CBG)$36.25
Remarkable Spray Tincture - Ethos (10mg THC, 100mg CBD)$41.00
Sleep Spray Tincture - Ethos (100mg THC, 10mg CBN)$36.25
THC Tincture**** (Melonberry, Cinnamon, and Wintermint) - Fair Winds$40.00
CBD Tincture**** (Wintermint or Melonberry) - Fair Winds$45.50
Companion Tincture*** - Fair Winds$49.00
CBD Extra Strength Tincture**** (Citrus) - Fair Winds$54.50
Deep Sleep Tincture**** - Fair Winds$47.25
Recharge (Sativa) - Fair Winds$18.25$36.25
Relax (Indica) - Fair Winds$18.25$36.25
Rejuvenate (15mg CBD : 1.5mg THC) - Fair Winds$21.00$43.50
Rejuvenate (9mg CBD : 7.7mg THC) - Fair Winds$20.00$43.50
Buzzy Caps (RSO+Guarana) - Winterlife$25.50
Drink Mixes and Drops15.5mg100mg
Emergen-CBD Drink Mix - Fair Winds (15mg CBD, 0.5mg THC)$10.00
Syrups & Honey10mg100mg
CBD Cannabees Pure Honey* - Swifts (10mg CBD, 2mg THC)$6.50