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SATIVA              INDICA            HYBRIDS



Sativa Strain Marijuana
Sativa Dominant Flowers1g2g3.5g7g14g28gPotency    
One Love - Agrijuana (S/H)$11.00$36.0022.48%
Blue Dream - Artizen (S/H)$12.0019.68%
Dutchberry - Artizen (S/H)$15.00$50.00$80.00$265.0020.14%
Fire OG - Artizen (S/H)$12.00$40.00$76.00$260.0017.71%
Cinex - Blacksmith Farms$12.0020.00%
Stripper - C4 (S/H)$15.00$30.0023.01%
Blue Dream - Cedar Creek$10.00$35.00$70.00$250.0026.59%
Jack Herer - Cedar Creek Cannabis$12.00$40.00$80.00$299.0024.94%
Blood Orange - Cowlitz Gold (S/H)$180.0020.22%
Green Crack - Cowlitz Gold (S/H)$10.00$29.0024.40%
Cherry Pie - Dutchy (S/H)$43.5021.77%
Dirty White Girls - Evergrow (S/H)$12.00$41.7523.60%
GTH X Tangie - From the Soil (S/H)$42.0027.20%
Strawberry Cough - G.T.P (S/H)$12.00$41.0025.51%
Trainwreck - Green Brothers (S/H)$45.5029.86%
Guadalupe - Harmony$15.00$50.0024.12%
Alaskan Thunder Fuck - Heavenly Buds$76.0019.00%
Master Yoda - Heavenly Buds (S/H)$14.75$50.0018.00%
Double Tangie Banana - Hi Guys (S/H)$5.00$16.00$32.00$110.0019.37%
Sour Diesel - Hi Guys (S/H)$30.0018.76%
Alaskan Thunder Fuck - High Frequency (S/H)$7.0023.30%
A.T.F. Shake - High Frequency (S/H)$58.0023.30%
Cinex Shake - High Frequncy$44.0017.20%
Green Crack - Kitty's Canna Connection$18.00$36.2520.65%
East Coast Ghost - Khush Kush$12.75$44.0021.20%
Agent Orange - Marley's Natural (S/H)$43.5020.00%
Dutch Hawiian - Marley's Natural (S/H)$43.5023.76%
Black Cherry Soda - On the Green (S/H)$68.00$128.0019.00%
Golden Pineapple - Phat Panda (S/H)$15.00$48.00$315.0024.40%
Pink Lemonade - Rochester Farms (S/H)$42.0022.73%
Hollywood OG - Seattle's Private Reserve (S/H)$50.0020.43%
Skunk #1 - Sunshine Co-op$18.00$33.00$55.00$85.0020.42%
Tavo - The Happy Cannabis (S/H)$12.5019.17%


Indica Strain Marijuana
Indica Dominant Flowers1g2g3.5g7g14g28gPotency    
Grape Ape - Artizen$15.00$50.00$265.0024.67%
Chem Dawg - Cedar Creek (I/H)$12.00$40.00$80.00$299.0030.70%
OG Kush - Cedar Creek Cannabis$12.00$40.00$80.00$299.0026.32%
Fucking Incredible - Cowlitz Gold$29.0024.61%
Grandaddy Purple - Cowlitz Gold (I/H)$29.00$180.0022.20%
DJ Short Blueberry - Dutchy (I/H)$43.5021.77%
Raspberry Kush - Heavenly Buds$31.7521.00%
Dosido Cookies - Hi Guys (I/H)$16.00$32.0022.23%
Kush Dream - Hi Guys (I/H)$5.00$16.0020.54%
Optimus Prime - Hi Guys$88.0015.44%
Presidential OG - Hi Guys$95.0020.93%
Northern Lights X Skunk - High Frequency (I/H)$26.00$90.0011.30%
N. Lights X Skunk Shake - High Frequency (I/H)$44.0018.80%
Lashkar Gah Afghani X Chem 4 - Khush Kush$12.75$44.0021.02%
Critical OG - Kitty's Canna Connection$40.0017.20%
Jedi Kush - Kitty's Canna Connection$18.00$36.2517.44%
Liberty OG - Liberty Reach$44.5021.96%
Plushberry - Marley Naturals$43.5024.00%
White Russian - On The Green (I/H)$135.0018.36%
Dutch Treat - PUR (I/H)$11.00$38.0023.94%
Tahoe OG - PUR (I/H)$11.00$38.0025.59%
Blackberry Kush - Seattle's Private Reserve$50.0020.47%
Cheese - Sunshine Co-op$18.00$33.00$85.0019.93%
Gorilla Glue #4 - Uncle Rudi's (I/H)$5.00$17.00$33.00$107.0023.84%
Optimus Prime - Uncle Rudi's (I/H)$5.00$17.00$33.00$107.0018.28%


Hybrid Strain Marijuana
Balanced Hybrids1g3.5g7g14g28gPotency    
Space Queen - Artizen$12.00$40.00$76.00$260.0019.47%
Gorilla Glue - C4$15.00$30.0022.09%
Gorilla Glue - Cowlitz Gold$9.00$180.0024.21%
Liberty OG - Cowlitz Gold$9.0026.80%
Grapeview Glory - Doc Croc$8.0024.98%
Snowdizzle - Double Delicious$9.0020.80%
Mango Kush - Golden Tree Production$12.00$41.0024.30%
Purple Arrow - Harmony$15.00$50.0025.97%
AK 420 - High Frequency$26.00$90.0012.50%
Ak 420 Shake - High Frequency$44.0017.00%
Dutch Treat Shake - High Frequency$15.00$58.0017.20%
Atomic - Headlight$12.0024.94%
Hawaiian - Heavenly Buds$76.0019.00%
Black Cherry Soda - Rochester Farms$11.00$38.0022.36%
Harley Sue - WA Grower (11.27% CBD)$125.00$205.001.01%
ERK - Wildfire$32.7524.10%
Pink 2.0 - Windy River$11.00$38.0018.11%
Animal Cookies Sugar Shake - Wow Weed$25.5023.40%
White Fire OG - Wow Weed$37.5024.55%